Human Resources Framework


CASE STUDY: Human Resources Framework


Our client operates in a highly competitive sector of the IT industry. This Australian software company blends cutting edge design, robust training methodology and an in-depth understanding of key industry principles to offer a product suite that has become a cornerstone in its field.


After a period of rapid growth and to support expansion plans into Asia, the business owner was looking to embed a human resources framework to support the growth strategy. Up until engaging NorgayHR, the company had lacked formal human resources systems and procedures and as a result was spending an unsustainable amount of time trying to navigate the complexities of employment legislation and best practice.


NorgayHR conducted an audit of the HR operating model which was concluded to be at a low level of maturity. In addition, employment contracts were not aligned to Fair Work and National Employment Standards, and the HR policies were outdated and incorrect. As a result, NorgayHR recommended the implementation of the enableHR software platform to manage the day to day administrative aspects of employee and contractor relationships. In addition, NorgayHR have been retained on-site on a regular basis, attending the client premises fortnightly to provide a HR presence for both staff and management. That model has contributed to the ability of the CEO to delegate leadership responsibilities to a new management team, and to proactively manage any employee issues before they escalate to a more serious level.


1. Relaunched all employment contracts and Human Resources policies to conform to legislative requirements.
2. Enhanced new staff onboarding process through a streamlined approach to contract management and induction.
3. Significantly improved consistency in managing various aspects of employee management.
4. Provided leadership coaching and support to new management team.
5. Redesigned and launched new online performance management process.
6. Successfully managed a bullying and harassment claim with no legal ramifications.
7. Responded to and managed numerous staff and management queries.

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