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Screen shot 2015-03-04 at 3.32.21 PMNorgay HR Consulting’s coaching approach is structured and purposeful. Critical to the approach is the connection between business goals, personal goals, current strengths – sometimes unknown, and apparent gaps – sometimes unknown. The approach is based on a questioning technique that guides and supports the coachee to explore options and possibilities of their own volition. Typically, coaching engagements are 3, 6 or 12 months long. We start from available feedback or include diagnostic tools to ensure focused effort and tangible outcomes against the right goals. The leadership diagnostic tool that is recommended is the Circumplex Leadership Scan 360°.

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Screen shot 2015-03-02 at 3.58.27 PM The Circumplex Leadership Scan 360° (CLS360) is the first evidence-based, scientifically rigorous assessment of leadership interpersonal styles and behaviours. Today’s leaders must be able to lead within increasingly complex environments. We are required to navigate matrixed organisations, flatter management structures, outsourced models, virtual teams – sometimes all at once. In this new world, command and control leadership approaches are no longer effective. Personal influence has become critical to leading. If a leader is not influencing, he or she is not leading. To influence others is to interact with others and this is expressed uniquely in a leader’s interpersonal behaviour. The Circumplex Leadership Scan 360° (CLS360) is the first evidence-based interpersonal circumplex leadership diagnostic that scientifically measures the full range of leadership interpersonal behaviour. Designed for leaders, the CLS360 creates self awareness which is the foundation of leadership development and ultimately leadership effectiveness.

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